Daniel de Castro

About Daniel de Castro

(Full Name: Daniel Medeiros Nunes de Castro)   Daniel de Castro Picture

Ph.D. Candidate :)

Department of Computer Science

University of Calgary

Research Interests

  • Information Security: Malware(viruses, Trojan horses, spam...), intrusion detection, etc.
  • Operating systems
  • Networking
  • Virtualization / Emulation

and any combination of the above.  ;)

I am affiliated with the iCORE Information Security Lab (iCIS) and the Institute for Security, Privacy, and Information Assurance (ISPIA).

My list of papers can be found here.

Awards and Scholarships

  • Alexander Graham Bell Canada Graduate Scholarshop (CGSD2), NSERC, 2013
  • Eyes High Research Excellence Doctoral Scholarship, University of Calgary, 2012
  • Queen Elizabeth II Graduate (Doctoral) Scholarship, University of Calgary, 2011, 2012
  • Alberta Graduate Student Award, University of Calgary, 2010
  • CPSC Department Research Award, University of Calgary - 2009, 2010, 2011

Interested in graduate studies in computer security? Take a look at my supervisor's webpage.

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