Daniel de Castro

Frequently Asked Questions - General 

  1. Hey, Daniel... You have this weird accent... Where are you from?

    Despite my last name, I am not from Cuba (or Filipinnas), and asking if I am somehow relative from Fidel is a recurring joke...  But I am actually from Brazil. And I am not his relative!

    I am trying to improve my pronunciation and if you see (or hear) me saying something wrong, I do appreciate your feedback on that too... I only can correct myself when I am aware of my mistakes, right?

  2. What is JAWS?

    Jaws is a Framework and Content Management System for building dynamic web sites. It aims to be User Friendly giving ease of use and lots of ways to customize web sites, but at the same time is Developer Friendly, it offers a simple and powerful framework to hack your own modules.
  3. Brazil? So, can I practice Spanish talking to you?

    Err... No. Not at all!

    While I am able to understand people speaking Spanish if they speak really slowly and I can read some Spanish, I cannot speak it at all.

    Some people think that all countries in Latin-America speak Spanish, which is not true. Most of the countries do speak Spanish, but:

    • In Guyane (or French Guiana), an overseas part of France, they speak.... French
    • In Suriname, the official language is Dutch.
    • And, in Brazil, we speak.... PORTUGUESE!

    If you take a look at the translation version of different softwares (Internationalization), you might even notice that there is, quite often, a version called Brazilian-Portuguese (as there are some differences from the Portuguese that is spoken in Portugal).

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